Teaching English: Twelve Video Sites You May Have Missed

by admin

I have decided to share a few of the video sites I use in my English language classroom. Most people are aware of sites such as YouTube, TED, and CNN, but below are some that I have stumbled upon over the years and have found to be valuable in teaching a variety of subjects, not just English.

Discovery Atlas


Discovery did a documentary series on places around the world and has a number of the segments available online. I have used a number of these with my English language students and they loved them. They are not too difficult to understand and are interesting.

CBC Marketplace


The CBC show Marketplace has full episodes available online. I am not sure if they are available to be watched outside of Canada or not, but for those lucky enough to watch them, they are a valuable resource in the business English classroom. I have had students watch segments of the show as part of a discussion on certain topics.

CBC Digital Archives


Once again, I am not sure if this is available outside of Canada, but a great resource for teachers. The CBC has archived a number of their shows and you can watch full episodes online. A fabulous resource for history class or discussion on issues such as racism. It even includes some teacher resources as well.

National Film Board


One of my all-time favourites. The NFB has been producing exceptional documentary and short stories for years and some of these are Canadian icons such as The Logdriver’s Waltz or The Sweater. There are lots of resources for educators and can be used in almost any classroom, including for English language learners.

Inc. Videos


This is a wonderful resource for the business English classroom. There are a lot of topics discussed and can be adapted to be used for most levels, depending on the topic.

Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner


This is a little more difficult for English language learners, but is another great resource for the business English classroom. Most of the clips are quite short, so the language can be taught before listening.

Adobe TV


This is a series of instructional videos put out by Adobe. This could be useful for English language learners since the videos are not the fast and are very visual.



I love this site! I have used it for years in my English classroom for teaching about giving instructions. I have the students watch one of the videos and then I have them create a ‘Howcast’ in pairs or groups using the outline. I even created a graphic organizer of this that I should post sometime. Students have a lot of fun with this one.

Nike Soccer Training Videos


This is a new site for me, but I watched a few of the videos and they are nice a short and easy to understand. For English language learners, this could be really useful for helping them hear different accents. The topic is sure to be a hit with a majority of my students.

Prevention Health Videos


Another new site for me, but the videos are perfect for English language learners. The videos are quite short and are not too fast for lower levels. The topics include food, fitness, and health issues.

Business Insider Videos


These business videos are directed and more current events and have a variety of genres such as instructions, interviews, and commentaries. The language might be a bit high for some, but it is still a great resource for the business English classroom.

Bill Nye Video Segments


Who doesn’t like Bill Nye? These are some interviews and commentaries done by Bill outside of the show. They are obviously science related, but could be used to discuss issues such as the environment or news related issues such as the BP oil spill which we covered in my business English classroom.

If you have any others that you would like to add, please do in the comment section below. I plan on doing more posts like this and I would appreciate your input. Please make sure to add your Twitter or blog link so I can give you credit in future posts.

Also, please share ideas on how you have used videos in your classroom. I will also compile these ideas and make a post later on.